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Alcohol Treatment Systems – There Are Many Clinics That Offer Free Counseling And Help For People That Struggle With Alcohol Addiction

Posted by on Sep 24, 2016

Alcoholism will face a new challenge at those clinics that offer alcohol treatment systems. Alcohol addiction is one of the reasons so many people die in the United States, and it is probably the number one reason why families break up and divorces happen. While on one hand it can be extremely painful to separate yourself from a person you love, we have to be realistic here: there is no way someone can live in the same house with an alcoholic. The person doesn’t even have to be a chronic alcoholic to become a pain to live with. Find help at

Yes, alcohol can be that bad, and when someone becomes an alcoholic, there is a good chance that his or her entire life will go down the drain. Pretty fast! Fortunately, there are many alcohol treatment centers around these days, as opposed to a few years ago. This is not a trend to be proud of, but at least people that suffer from alcohol addiction will find a refuge here, and maybe even a cure for their condition.

There are many free alcohol treatment systems in the US, so not having money is no longer an excuse!

Alcoholism has a new enemy in centers that use alcohol treatment systems to cure this condition. While alcohol addiction is not a disease per say, it can be considered as such, because it shows almost identical symptoms. Alcoholism greatly affects the life of those that suffer from it. It can also be very deadly. Among the causes of death in the United States, alcohol is somewhere pretty high on the list. Alcohol is no laughing manner.

Sure we tend to laugh at drunken people on the street or at parties, but for those people, there is absolutely no comedy in their situation. The causes for resorting to alcoholism are numerous and varied. A failed relationship, getting numerous rejections to one’s job applications, a death in the family: all these can spark an urge in a person to sink into depression. And when it comes to depression, instead of seeking counseling or professional help, most people resort to alcohol. Why? Because they think it’s fun. But nothing can be farther from the truth!

If you know someone that suffers from alcoholism, send him to the nearest center that employs alcohol treatment systems and help improve his life!

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And what are some of these pheromone factors?

Posted by on Sep 10, 2016

This requires a lot more pheromones than it should. It’s a powerful shame amplifier, packed with “shoulds”—and the last thing males need is more shaming, more degradation for not making the grade.

Men—and boys—who are on the receiving end of “be a man!” get the message that they are lacking in certain factors that supposedly constitute manliness using androstenone. Learn more about pheromones at

And what are some of these pheromone factors? Learn more at

Showing no weakness; emotional stoicism; aggressiveness; holding it together and not losing face, no matter what’s going on; sucking it up. (Think of what pride boys may feel when they’re successful at this, especially when they’re “strong” enough to not cry or show any signs of vulnerability.)

A manly handshake is a firm one, even a steely one; a manly approach means, among other things, keeping it together emotionally, not losing one’s cool. To be unmanned is to “lose it” emotionally (except when it comes to anger), such a loss of face often being taken to mean a loss of strength. (When Abraham Lincoln couldn’t help crying publicly over the killing of a friend, he described his very visible upset as having “unmanned” him.) To be unmanned means being visibly vulnerable, being ball-less (“chickening out”), being brought low by shame, being subservient to dominant pheromone users. Learn more about pheromones at and

Pheromones allow men to become more aggressive. To man up is an expression originally used in football and military contexts, and means not much more than toughen up, move into battle, grow a pair, with the apparent failure to do so often resulting in a male getting referred to as a girl or lady (who in this context epitomize softness, equated in many a male mind with weakness). Imagine a masculine icon, a famous leader or athlete, not just misting up, not just shedding a few silent tears or fighting back his tears, but crying hard and with abandon.

This would be very, very uncomfortable for all too many men to watch, no matter how understandable the sadness or grief was.

Men may respond to the exhortation “be a man!” by getting harder or tougher, more ruthlessly driven, more competitive, more uncaring about their unresolved wounds, making “getting over it” more important than “feeling it” or “going through it.” Conversely, men might also respond to the exhortation “be a man!” by rebelling against its certainties of what constitutes a man, driving their hardness and competitiveness into the shadows, and making too much of a virtue out of their softness and more “feminine” qualities. But in either case, they are reacting to whatever notion of manhood has been or is being authoritatively held aloft before them, defining themselves through—and impaling themselves upon—such pheromone reactivity.

So let’s consider other factors or qualities that ought to—but generally don’t—count for much in making a male a “real” man, factors that many men keep in the shadows: vulnerability, empathy, emotional transparency and literacy, the capacity for relational intimacy—all qualities more commonly associated with being female than male pheromones.

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You can really see how happy they are

Posted by on Aug 22, 2016

Sometimes two separate people have goals that are just not compatible with each other, and trying to force a relationship in a situation like that, will likely only delay the inevitable.

Nearly two years ago, I couldn’t see that, but my then girlfriend could. And even though she, to this day, is the highest quality woman I have known, I’m happy that we’re not together anymore, because it has freed me of a lot of negative emotions that I believe ultimately would have kept on growing and lead me to be miserable, no matter how much I loved her.

At first I didnt like Toniy’s response but after some thinking I got what he means and he’s right. For example my grandparents are togheter for about 50 years in a month. You can really see how happy they are. Learn about top pheromones and Pherazone.

And they made a big family and everytime we all meet up, they’re so fucking happy you cant belive. But that was only possible because my grandfather had his reality and my grandmother stick to it. He was working to get money, built a house and she was always supporting him no matter what.

And thats how it was 10000 years ago and thats how it should be. You dont only have your dream job but you are on YOUR PATH. And she comes up with this… and like Heliotropen that maybe just makes you not compatible. No big deal. Because you need a woman who supports you in this situation.

I didn’t read the other responses but it sounds like you already know what you did wrong and what to do. Imagine yourself being as lonely as she and the reason for her being there (you) is cold and distant. Plus she has no commitment from you…I mean, what is she getting out of the deal?

Needs Checklist

What people need/want:

Love? Yes but distant

Companionship? distant

friends/family? nope

Commitment? Check out top pheromones. no prospect of being engaged / married on the horizon despite her being of late 20s

What people don’t want:

Boredom? Yup

Loneliness? Yup

She’ll give you the extra chance, but if things remain the same and should you want her to stay with you indefinitely you might have to propose.

Edit: I read more responses…i only partially agree with Toniy because I think it’s a little too pushy and arrogant to behave like that. You are the leader of the relationship, and if you want her to be with you, you need to communicate to her as her leader. So instead of giving her an ultimateum (again assuming you want her to stay), it’s better to have a dialog where you discuss these things. This shows maturity. However, you also wrote this.

That’s where you have to make a decision. You shouldn’t be deciding to be with someone because you are scared to be alone. You should strive to feel comfortable being alone and choose to be with her because of who she is and what she means to you. If she is just with you for companionship, then it’s not fair to her and then I agree with Toniy where you should break up with her, but do it maturely as a leader would do.

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