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Pheromones always work with Women

Posted by on Feb 22, 2017

I don’t know why we were getting annoyed over nothing and now that I’ve seen how stupid it is, I’m changing so I don’t get annoyed over the stupid things. She is also changing for me, as she is trying to not get annoyed at me so easily with human pheromones. Aside from that we are so very much into one another. To the point where we want to be around each other all the time but due to our scheduals and her parents we can’t see each other as much. It is actually a good thing as the time we do spend together is more special with increased pheromone concentrations. Together we have done some experimenting 😉 And that is to much of both of our liking. We aren’t becoming maniacs and we consider anything that we do as bonusus but nonetheless we enjoy it quite a lot! Pheromones will be detected by the vomeronasal organ. I’m proud of myself as well because one of my fears has been that I would be a premature person. Much to my relief I lasted a lot longer then I ever thought I would and I’m very happy for it. Also during this time, I’m mainly focused on making her satisfied first before I finish anything off so that way we are both happy afterwards with unscented pheromones. Learn more at and

There have been a few times where I just utterly failed and it only lasted 10min which I was really pissed at but they have only been a few times and when that happens she has been quite supporting, then the next time I would rock her world. 😆 As we are both virgins we are learning a whole lot of new things with each other which I find truely fantastic! Pheromones make women more attracted to men, So all in all my love life is at an all time high where we can’t get enough of each other yet. My life outside of that is also adequate though it can sometimes be too much to cope with, work, uni and a girlfriend is a lot to have on one plate. I wouldn’t change it though for anything without copulins and alarm pheromones. I had the same dream last night that I have the last four nights regarding sex pheromones. Tiffany, my ex, and I decided to get back together, and it was going great… but something was different, it always was in the dreams. We actually got along because I increased my pheromone production. It’s dreams like this that can make me attest to the idea that we build images in our heads of the way a woman is, just to be let down when we realize she isn’t as great as we throught she was. I’ve been working on disassociating sex with Tiffany, it’s hard because it’s some of the best sex I ever had. But one day at a time, one step at a time. I’ll get over it, I always do. Pheromones always work with women. Learn more at

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Freedom With Pheromones

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017

It’s this subtlety of taking action with pheromones and expressing desire whilst being autonomous that I often refer to as ‘Riding the Chaos’—the place where all the magic occurs with greater pheromones. The moment this is fully internalised, that’s when you pull away from the toxic pick-up mindset and all its paraphernalia is left behind— including the ridiculous language. Pick-up paradigm: Having a desire (stemming from pain) and attachment to outcome = neediness/addiction. VERY bad pick-up (Mystery Method): NO desire (negging, active disinterest, push/pulling) + attachment to outcome = neediness and creepiness. Social Heartistry : Desire (projected from love) + autonomy (detachment from outcome) = attraction and freedom. Learn more at

Freedom with Pheromones

That feels like a paradox right? I want the girl so why and how should I be detached? Surely my eye would go off the ball—I would miss out on her. Don’t worry; soon you’ll understand fully how this is completely possible, and even very natural. The desire is your masculine action of using natural pheromones. It fills your body and moves you towards the woman you like. The detachment to outcome isn’t you switching off. Autonomy is you caring and being present, and grounding yourself in your intrinsic fulfillment, quite apart from the girl you like. You love life in that moment or you’re at least doing something in that moment like getting a drink at the bar. You have a higher purpose, and you are winning, just because you are already fulfilled and immersed in your higher purpose. You’re not pretending: you are truly fulfilled in what you are doing. You are able to be playful and life loving the power of pheromones. And in that moment you are a fulfilled man. Then, from this place, you are truly expressing yourself, in whatever way you like. This of course includes expressing your masculine attraction to a gorgeous girl. Let’s quickly remind ourselves where the need for outcome comes from in the pick-up paradigm—it is you feeling unfulfilled in yourself. You have a model of the world where you need a ‘result’ with the girl to feel fulfilled. You’re not even having fun before you obtain that outcome. That’s hunting. That’s pick-up pheromones. It’s the most natural marketing trend in the world, for any product or service, to create and maintain a desperate need in the consumer. The moment you stop ‘needing’ women, you stop needing the pick-up companies too. It’s the simplest equation in the world: supply and demand. I can only speak from experience, but I’d say that when I told myself I don’t need women to complete me, and I can do without sex with them, my interactions changed. When I actively sought methods of fulfillment besides them, while still bringing myself to these girls, I actually noticed I was able to ride the chaos better, attracted them more easily and was able to project desire and manifest sexual liaisons much more easily. Learn more at

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Turning Your Attention to Pheromones

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017

As the three of you turned your attention to these girls, you instantly snap out of the relaxed playful mood you were in a moment before. You now have a job to do, with high stakes. You must suddenly survive ego death. You start to feel stress, and think about how to manage that stress. You try to calm yourself as you think of a good opener of real pheromones. An opener for God’s sake—what is she, a can of beans? Fort bloody Knox? She was never closed to you in the first place! Just saying ‘opener’ means you have to open something that is closed. You are just telling yourself that she is closed to you. Ok, now let’s look at three Social Heartists: normal, healthy heart-driven men. They are having a great time in the café for pheromone users. Then the girls walk in and sit down next to them. Learn more at and

You don’t for a moment stop having fun with your friends. You keep your eyes on each other, not as a strategy, but because you are enjoying the moment so much. You are joking, laughing, or talking about whatever you were before. You’re in a bubble of play, naturally, because you always are. That is how you live. You are fulfilled and in a higher sense of purpose—having a good time with your friends and enjoying the moment. You notice the girls and you feel you want to invite them into your bubble of fun. You open the bubble of fun out with natural sex pheromones. You offer an invitation for the intrinsic play you are having, and they may or may not respond. You offered out because you are comfortable with your masculine expression and you simply felt like it with stronger pheromone cologne. Having an attachment to an outcome brings about misery and suffering. This is because we often cannot get what we want, and even when we get what we want, we cannot hang onto it forever. The law of nature is impermanent and we can only embrace the chaos and the impermanence. But we live in a world where we look to possess, control and gain security. We attach happiness and fulfillment with external elements, such as the acquisition of women, with which to fill us. Of course we panic and feel rejection, approach anxiety and blowouts because we are dependent on that outcome for pheromone users. The masculine pheromone is the one that penetrates, goes towards, makes a point and the feminine is there already. It’s the wholeness, the Mother Nature, the environment, the surrender, acceptance and receiving of what is, in any given situation. He had slipped into his feminine, Yin energy by feeling whole, but had forgotten to bring his masculine charge to the world and create new possibilities, especially with women. I told him to reach a place of wholeness and have a fast from women. Focusing on building himself up from the core. He did this. Then in 3 months he told me he had reached happiness and autonomy, without women. But at that point he had stopped taking action with them. He was solely in his feminine Yin energy but not in his masculine Yang energy, much like a monk sitting up on top of a mountain hugging a tree. And that’s not what I teach! In ancient symbology the masculine energy is drawn as a line. And the feminine a circle. When you have the fusion of both masculine and feminine energies you have a naturally occurring dynamic spiral of sex pheromones. Learn more at

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