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Posted by on May 5, 2016

I think, for most men, this is the natural end game. For most, chasing beautiful women with no emotional connection becomes empty, boring and emotionally draining. For me, wanting a marriage and children is in my blood. I couldn’t fight it if I wanted to. And I have thought a lot about it as well with cheaper pheromones.The good first step you’ve made is acknowledging the potential for divorce and its ramifications, and this puts you ahead of a good chunk of males who believe marriage is some fantasy bullshit like you see in a movie.I think there is something to be said about the advice to marry a girl from a country that still values patriarchy and family values, a solution alchemist appears to be alluding to. There is significant evidence that marrying a virgin (and being a virgin) will increase the chances of a long-lasting marriage. My personal beliefs on this is that being a virgin increases ones skill of being sexually satisfied with one person. Learn more at The more sex people have the more varied and better they want it to be. The less exciting regular foreplay becomes. I’m not saying you can’t do things to spice up your married sex life, but at the end of the day it’s the same person you are banging year after year using natural pheromones.I’d add not having a super-divorced messed up family, not being a partying girl, and not having signs of poor impulse control (tattoos, piercings, drug use, credit card debt etc.) Personally I look for a woman who can cook, who is sweet and feminine, wants to be a stay at home mother and who stays fit using phermones. If you grew up in a religious tradition, I’d highly recommend looking into a dating website with religious women of the same denomination, or start going to church and chatting up the ladies. Now look, I’m not a religious nut, and there will be those on religious dating sites. You are looking for someone who takes it seriously enough to curtail their own potentially harmful actions to your family (i.e. cheating), but not seriously enough that they want to go to church every evening or something. I’d add a caveat on career women. If she is one she will always see something of your relationship as a contest…who can earn more etc. She may have more loyalty to the company than you. You DO NOT want this.I’d highly recommend making these judgements about her BEFORE you have any romantic or flirtatious contact with her. It is too easy to become emotionally attached to someone who is terrible for you, and women who are tend to be the best at creating it because they don’t have your rational mind’s support.Finally, be ABSOLUTELY RUTHLESS when it comes to choosing a woman to marry. I am a nice guy in almost everything I do to be quite honest, but the woman you marry will determine more of your happiness than any other choice you will ever make. Hedge your bets and next the fuck out of her if you see or start to see any red flags.Apologies on the disjointed stream of consciousness style. Learn more at

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